Expert Advisors (EAs)

Our 12 Expert Advisors (EAs) help you identify trading opportunities or effortlessly limit your losses.

Here at Kubera, we strive to provide you with the best online trading tools to support your trading strategies’ more efficient development.

You can now benefit from an arsenal of tools including 15 Chart Indicators, various calculators, VPS service and a wide range of trading signals. Your trading experience is completed by state-of-art Experts Advisors, developed especially for Kubera requirements.

The 12 EAs allow you to automate your trading transaction on the Kubera. You can programme the selected ones to notify you any time a significant market opportunity matching your trading strategy occurs. Additionally, the EAs can be modified to manage different trading aspects like opening and closing positions or sending orders.

Alarm Manager

Receive a notification or send it to your social media followers with Alarm Manager – Be immediately informed about events, and act on them automatically – open positions or send an email notification with just one click.

Correlation Matrix

Access invaluable market information with the Correlation Matrix. Using different time scales allows you to make more strategic decisions. Use the Correlation Matrix to see the correlation between various markets, and highlight areas with tighter or looser relationships.

Correlation Trader

Correlation Trader allows you to compare 2 symbols correlations and take advantage of their spread. Not only can you easily see any open positions you have in the correlated symbols, but also see the symbols’ recent activity.

Excel RTD

Excel RTD – puts valuable data into easily edited Excel sheet with a few simple formulas. With rudimentary programming skills, you can even open positions from an Excel sheet. A great tool for anyone that is familiar with Excel or other COM platforms.

Market Manager

Gain full control over your instrument watch-list with Market Manager. Access all your order and account activity from one small but info-packed window. Choose symbols, recent price movements, place pending and market orders, even change your positions.

Mini Terminal

The MT5 Mini Terminal is an extension of the Trade Terminal. Look at a specific trading chart, just like you would in Trade Terminal.

Sentiment Trader

See the sentiment behind your open positions with Sentiment Trader: see the amount of traders with short or long positions open. Gain further insight from historic sentiment chart compared to the price, and an array of current sentiment levels on multiple instruments.

Session Map

Get a snap-shot overview of the market with Session Map explore both time-zones and global markets. The HUD shows news events, price movement overview and global time per session.

Stealth Orders

The element of surprise will be yours with the Stealth Orders EA. Making pending orders incognito – hiding it from other traders. Forget stop or limit orders, this powerful tool waits for the entry price and then buys or sells. You can also perform stealth take-profits or stop-losses.

Tick Trader

Access a variety of tick charts with The Tick Chart Trader. Choose line, timed, tick bars or candle charts. When the time is right perform fast order entries with just one click or a couple of keystrokes.

Trade Terminal

The professional level Trade Terminal is an extremely robust analysis and trade execution tool. It offers you precision trading, scaling out of positions automatically, frequently used order entries templates, and open positions analysis.

Smart Lines

The latest version of the Mini Terminal includes “Smart Lines” technology. This lets traders create sophisticated, flexible stop-losses and take-profits simply by drawing lines on an MT4 or MT5 chart. The trader simply draws the line and then holds down the Ctrl key while clicking on it in order to turn it into a Smart Line.

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